Combing hair

The artist is unknown

Dated on the basis of stylistic and technological characteristics of painting. The nature of the painting (“tricks”), the generalized proportions of the girlish figure suggest that it is performed by a “home”, that is, a serf artist. Refers to the number of so -called deceptions (Tromp L ’Il) – a special type of picturesque imitation, a hoax that creates the impression of a real image of objects and space and, as it were, erasures the line between the real and the world depicted.

In Russia, “Deliveries” are widely used in the 18th – beginning of the XIX century. “Deliveries” in the form of human figures, playing the role of peculiar decorations, were an integral part of many aristocratic amusements. Similar “churches” were exhibited in the evening in the gardens (Peterhof, Kuskovo and so on) or in the darkened corridors and halls, where the effect of such “jokes” was more impressive.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 211.

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