Portrait e. With. Avdulina

The artist is Kiprensky

The portrait completed a number of works performed by Kiprensky during the first trip abroad (1816–1823). It can be safely attributed to the most brilliant images in Russian art of the first half of the XIX century.

Ekaterina Sergeevna Avdulina (1788–1832), nee Yakovleva, daughter of the real state adviser and gentleman of several orders, wife of Major General of the Life Guards of the Cavalier Guard of the Cavalier Guard, a member of the Society for the Promotion of Artists A. N. Avdulina. A rich secular woman, she gave balls in St. Petersburg, on which he visited. With. Pushkin.

The spiritual appearance of the model, a painful face with thin features, fading fragile hyacinth on the window, the sophistication of the entire artistic system of the canvas forced contemporaries to compare it with the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Created in Paris, he really gives the influence of stored in the Louvre "Mona Lisa". Contemporaries noted the exceptional skill of finishing parts. "The portrait is very over, hands are written and painted beautifully, a black silk dress, a yellow Turkish shawl filled with an emergency", – wrote in. And. Grigorovich, Secretary of the Society for the Promotion of Artists. The full of dreaming sadness is typical for the heyday of the artist’s work. Along with the famous lifetime portrait a. With. Pushkin belongs to the masterpieces of his art.

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