The world -missing of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alekseevna

The artist is Moshkov

The scene of the baptism of Louise Maria Augusta, the daughter of Margraf Baden, Louis, is presented in Orthodoxy, Elizabeth Alekseevna. The ceremony took place on September 9, 1793 in the Bolshoi Church of the Winter Palace. In the center of the picture – the anointing Metropolitan Gabriel; On the right – Grand Dukes Alexander Pavlovich, Konstantin Pavlovich, Pavel Petrovich and Grand Duchess Maria Fedorovna; left – abbess of the Novgorod Syrkov monastery a. M. Shubina, the brightest princes p. AND. Teeth and a. AND. Bezborodko and educator of the eldest sons of Pavel Petrovich Baron A. I AM. Budberg. Most of the characters are written with the originals and.-B. The ladies of the senior.

Elizaveta Alekseevna (Louise Maria Augusta Badenskaya, January 13, 1779, Karlsruhe − May 4, 1826, Belev) − Russian Empress (1793), wife of Emperor Alexander I. The daughter of the Margraf Baden-Durlah Karl Ludwig Badensky and Amalia, the nee Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 110.

Elizaveta Alekseevna (nearer. Louise Maria Augustus, Princess of Baden; 1779-1826) – daughter of Margraf Baden Karl Ludwig. In October 1792 she arrived in St. Petersburg, in September 1793 she accepted Orthodoxy and married Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich. Since 1801 Empress. She was engaged in charitable activities. With her participation, a female patriotic society (1812) and the House of House of House in St. Petersburg arose. Patronized the artists.

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The world -missing of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alekseevna
Moshkov e. The world -missing of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alekseevna
Creation year: 2014 | Multimedia film | Language: | Duration: 09:40

The film tells of a significant event in the life of the imperial family and the entire royal dynasty. At the baptism of Lutheran faith to the Orthodoxy of Louise, Maria Augustus, the daughter of Margraf Baden Karl Ludwig, the bride of Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich, was called in 1793 Elizabeth Alekseevna.

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