Portrait of Countess E. AT. Santi

The artist is Rokotov

In Rokotov’s chamber portraits, captivating female images were created, attracting their sophistication and mystery. The portrait of Santi is one of the best female portraits of the XVIII century, occupies a special place in the work of F. With. Rokotova. Its color scheme is built on a combination of golden, pink, warm-green tones, united by the mother-of-pearl haze of dresses, lace, bow, bouquet. The wealth of finely cooled shades corresponds to the wealth of psychological nuances: the hidden sadness gets along with the awareness of its individuality. The secular beauty looks at us from the portrait a wary-improving, slightly arrogant.

Elizaveta Vasilievna Santi, nee Lachinova (1763 – ?), the daughter of the foreman in. P. Lachinova. In 1779, she married for the second-Major Second Count A. F. Santi (1751 – 1806).

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