Portrait and. And. Shuvalova

The artist is Losenko

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Nearby, among the “portraits of the proud bar”, one could see a portrait of the omnipotent favorite Elizabeth Petrovna – Count Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov, performed by a talented artist, one of the first graduates of the Russian Academy of Arts, Anton Pavlovich Losenko.

In 1749, the middle -aged empress brought closer to herself a 22 -year -old young man, distinguished by a pretty appearance and love for reading, – Ivan Shuvalov. Schuvalov’s selflessness for a long time went legends. He refused titles and awards, bribes and flattery, due to which he enjoyed the boundless confidence of Elizabeth. And in return, Shuvalov got the opportunity to patronize sciences and art.

Losenko represents a philanthropist in the doused camisole and a dark green uniform, in orders, lace and ribbons. He sits by the table with a letter in his hand, looking kindly and scattered at the interlocutor invisible to us, as if suspending the words addressed to him with kind gesture. The appearance of the nobleman is very impressive and full of dignity. The artist with deep reverence belongs to his model. Ivan Ivanovich’s main concern was literature, art and education. Shuvalov is known as the friend and patron of Lomonosov, who devoted his scientific works and works to him, began to write plays and “Russian history” under his influence. The fruit of their joint activity – the Moscow University created in 1755, the first curator of which was Shuvalov. His other brainchild – the Academy of Arts established in 1757, of which he remained until 1763. Shuvalov invited famous artists, sculptors and architects from Western Europe to the Russian service. Ivan Ivanovich was especially interested in the literature of the French Education and conducted correspondence with Voltaire, Helvetsia, Didro. Famous philosophers admired the mind and education of the young Russian nobleman, who discovered the “unknown northern country” for them.

E.AT.Amphilokhiev, e.AT.Stankevich and N.AND.Fedorova. Materials for a virtual tour of the exhibition "Diaghilev. Start". 2009

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Shuvalov Ivan Ivanovich (1727–1797)-Acting Privy Counselor (1773), Ober-Camerger (1778), Lieutenant General. Favorite Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The founder and first curator of Moscow University (1755), the first president of the IAX, also based on his project, philanthropist. Contributed to the development of sciences and arts in Russia. From 1763 to 1777 he traveled to Western Europe. Was familiar with D. Didro, f. Voltaire. Diaghilev. Start. SPb, 2009. With. 255.

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