Portrait of Countess E. P. Stroganova

The artist is the lamp

The author of the portrait is Johann Baptist Lampi Senior, Austrian painter. Favorite portraitist of the courtyard and nobility. Worked in Vienna and Warsaw. At the invitation of the prince g g. AND. Potemkina, who was then in Moldova, Lampi went to Yassi and arrived there in January 1792. Having soon moved to St. Petersburg, he stayed there until April 1797., Having fulfilled many portraits of Fatherine II who favored him, faces of the royal family and the highest aristocracy. Gave lessons to Russian artists (from 1792 to 1794 at Lampi studied in. Borovikovsky).

Ekaterina Petrovna Stroganova (nearer. Trubetskoy, 1744-1815)-Countess, daughter of Prince P. N. Trubetskoy. The second wife of the chief chamber. With. Stroganova. Maid of honor Catherine II. Love theater, poetry, art. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, she was the “archive of the jokes of the curious” about the brilliant times of Catherine II and Louis XVI. Known for its outstanding fate. She married at the age of 25 for a prominent rich man and philanthropist, recently widowed count a. With. Stroganova. After the wedding, happy spouses went on a 10-year journey through Europe. In Paris, they had a son Pavel and daughter Sofia, they rotated in a brilliant circle of a young Versailles court, among philosophers and encyclopedists. After the return of the spouses to St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Stroganova met Ivan Rimsky-Korsakov, the young favorite of Catherine II, who had a good voice and, like her, with music and singing. Young fell in love with each other, as a result, Korsakov was removed from the courtyard, and the countess followed him to Moscow. Stroganov himself, without making a divorce, endowed his wife with money, a house in Moscow and the estate in the suburbs. From the Union with and. Korsakov, she gave birth to him two sons and two daughters. The countess, as before, with pleasure accepted in her house all the highest society, musicians and performers, visited theaters and discussed new productions. On the portrait of the brush "elegant Austrian" And.-B. Lampi of the eldest, one of the best European portraitists of her time, Ekaterina Stroganova is depicted at the age of 49. The ability to arrange a nature, a pleasant, albeit several conditional flavor, a free acceptance of writing, especially skillful in reproducing drapery, constitutes the merits of the portrait work of this artist and this portrait in particular.

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