Portrait in. N. Surovtseva

The artist is Rokotov

F. With. Rokotov is one of the largest masters of portrait painting of the XVIII century. The best features of Rokotov’s work were most clearly manifested in his portraits of the 1780s, which are distinguished by the severity of characteristics and sophisticated skill of performance. One of them is a portrait in. N. Surovtseva, in which Rokotov created the image of a smart and friendly woman with the wrong, but cute features. The use of soft, direct lighting in the portraits of this period of this period of soft, sometimes concealing face shape and thus more clearly revealing the pattern only eyes and lips in portraits of this period. By the subtleties of solving complex coloristic tasks, the portraits of Rokotov belong to the highest achievements of the picturesque culture of the entire XVIII century.

Surovtseva (Surovtsova) Varvara Nikolaevna (nee. Pashkova). Her sister Catherine was married to Count Deviere. The noble family of the Surovtsev (Surovtsovs), passing through the Moscow, Kaluga, Saratov and Simbirsk provinces, is first mentioned in manuscripts at the beginning of XVI in.

Park portrait-portrait of Surovtsev (Zh-4960).

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