Portrait f. And. Krasnoshchekova

The artist is anthropov

Fedor Ivanovich Krasnoshchekov (?–1764)-a camp ataman of the Don Cossack troops from 1748, foreman (1755), Major General (1763). Member of the Seven Years War. It is depicted in Cossack clothing, on the neck on the Andreevsky tape – the gold “decorated with diamonds” a medal with the profile of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, established for awarding the Cossacks.

The portrait emphasizes the sanity of the model of solemn statics of posture. Large volumes on which the image is built are organically combined with a decoratively designed pattern of fabrics. In generalization, flatness and vivid colorfulness of the portrait, the traditions of parsuan letters affect. The artist creates a reliable image with vital conviction.

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