Portrait of the prince and. And. Lobanova-Rostovsky

The artist is Argunov

The earliest of the currently known portraits of the Argunov. It combines the principles of the composition of the Western European ceremonial portrait and the features of stiffness and flatness coming from old Russian painting. The saturated, dense colors of a warm tone prevail.

Ivan Ivanovich Lobanov-Rostovsky (1731–1791)-prince, representative of the senior line of the princely family of Lobanov-Rostov, leading from Vladimir Monomakh. Like most noble children, in childhood, he was recorded in the horse guard, from 1752 a cornet, in 1761, due to illness, he was dismissed from the guards of the horse guard with the rank of Life Guards Rotmistra. It is depicted in the uniform of an officer of the horse guard and in the red, driven by the ermine of the princely mantle.

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