Archangel Gabriel

The artist is Vishnyakov

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The state of safety before restoration:

In the interior of the church, the icon “Archangel Gabriel” was on the southern gates of the entrance to the deacon. To the oak door, the icon was nailed by large forged faceted nails. As a result of this, the canvas was very deformed and sagging. At the site of the door lock in the canvas of the icon, a hole of 6 x 6 cm was cut out. Despite the listed mechanical damage, the state of the base was satisfactory, and it did not require duplication.

The figure of the archangel suffered hard. Numerous inscriptions, scratched in the image of Gabriel, traces and stones of aggressive liquids, wax drops and the results of fortifications with waxing mastics, through burns-subsequent fires-these are few of all destruction. Physico-chemical studies revealed continuous notes on the background, on the image of a green hymatium, in the lower part of the icon. Deep decomposition of varnish in the binder of a colorful layer in the sulfate of a strong getting wet, a dense layer of soot and a candle soot. Superficial coating was a thick layer of bleached wax. It was necessary to perform a full range of restoration work and develop a safe way to exhibit icon as a museum exhibit. The complete technological and chemical study made it possible to determine the composition of the pigments, binders, fillers of the soil and the nature of the varnish, which is part of the waxy colorful layer of copyright painting. Studies of visible luminescence, radiographic examination and in the IR-light with the help of television system showed a satisfactory state of personal writing and parts of clothes, the real size of losses under numerous multi-time records and at the place of burn.

Complex of the events:

After the completion of technical restoration and tension on the tablet subframe, a complete disclosure was performed from late coatings and prints, the soil was summed up and tinting the loss of a colorful layer was performed. The icon is covered with restoration varnish.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 149.

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