Portrait of John VI (John Antonovich)

The artist is unknown

Emperor John VI Antonovich (1740–1764)-son of Prince Anton-Ulrich Braunschweig-Luneburg (1714–1774) and Princess Anna Leopoldovna Meklenburg-Shweer (1718–1746), niece of Empress Anna Ioannovna. Declared the heir to the throne without reaching two months, and after 11 days he became the emperor of the All -Russian. Regents ruled him, first the Duke of Courland Johann-Ernst Biron, then mother-Anna Leopoldovna. On November 25, 1741, a coup d’etat occurred, Elizaveta Petrovna entered the throne, and John was under arrest until the end of his life, being in various fortresses (Dinamyunda, Ranenburg, Kholmogory and Shlisselburg). On the night of July 4 to 5, 1764, already under Catherine II, was killed at the age of 23 by his escorts while trying to release him, undertaken by the lieutenant in. I AM. Mirovich. His body was secretly buried in the Shlisselburg fortress. The portraits of John of Antonovich were slightly preserved, because by order of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, everything that was associated with the name of the overthrown baby was carefully destroyed.

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