The feat of the Grenadier of the Life Guards of the Finnish regiment Leonius of the Owl in the Battle of Leipzig in 1813

The artist is Babaev

Lonaty Korenaya took the campaign of 1812, being part of the 3rd Grenadier company of the Life Guards of the Finnish regiment, into which the best and honored soldiers were transferred. Kornye heroically fought under Borodino, but the feat, which served as a plot for Babaev’s painting, was committed to him on October 4, 1813 during the famous “Battle of Peoples” near Leipzig. The battalion of the Life Guards of the Finland Regiment was attacked significantly superior enemy forces and began to retreat with a battle. Indigenous with several grenadiers gave the commander and wounded officers to retreat. Remaining the last of the living and having received 18 wounds, he was captured by the enemy. Napoleon, learning about the feat of l. Root, met with him personally, after which he issued an order in which he put. Root as an example to his soldiers, calling him a hero, a model for French soldiers. After the soldier recovered, he was released on his homeland on his personal order. In his native regiment, for the man’s courage, he was promoted to the supporters and became the banner of the regiment. He was also granted a special silver medal to his neck with the inscription "For love for the Fatherland". Later, the courage of the root was captured on revolvers (in the form of gilded decoration), who were awarded to officers who distinguished themselves during the Crimean War during the defense of Sevastopol. The feat of l. The root has become widely known in Russia.

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