View from Petrovsky Island in St. Petersburg

The artist is Shchedrin

In his early landscapes, Sylvester Shchedrin depicted Petersburg, developing the same topics of the city landscape, which Fa had to be addressed at one time. I AM. Alekseev. The characteristic features of the landscapes of this period are conditional flavor and a classic composition with a sharp separation of space into plans.

Petrovsky Island – one of the islands in the Neva Delta in St. Petersburg. On the left is a wooden bridge over the Zhdanovka river, the portico of the main building and the official buildings of the second cadet corps, the bell tower of the Vladimir Cathedral on the St. Petersburg side. The coast reinforced with piles passes into the clouds of the bridge, on the right is the building of the hemp buoyan, in the distance – the roof of the exchange and the winter palace.

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