View of the Mikhailovsky Castle and Konstnaby Square in St. Petersburg

The artist is Alekseev

On the western and south sides of the island on which the Mikhailovsky castle was located was washed by two specially dug channels. The system of castle fortifications surrounding the palace and the Konstnabe Square located in front of it included channels, half -bastards, lifting bridges and guns. The prototype of the architectural ensemble of the square in front of the Mikhailovsky castle was the square with the monument to the knob A. Montmoransi (1493–1567) in Shantilia, which Pavel I saw during his trip to Europe.

In 1800, a monument to Peter I was erected on the square in front of the Mikhailovsky castle. -To. Rastrelli (cast in 1745–1747). The square in front of the Mikhailovsky castle actually looked somewhat different than in the work of Alekseev (fence, level of area). Knob (from lat. Comes Stabuli, Franz. Comte de l’Etable) – initially a court position in the Eastern Roman Empire. In France – a person who headed the king’s stables from the 12th century – the commander in chief of all armies. In 1822, the picture was in the English palace in Peterhof, in 1827–1831 – in Warsaw, in the palace of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich.

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