Portrait of the countess s. AT. Stroganova

The artist is Monier

Stroganova Sofya Vladimirovna (1775–1845) – Countess, daughter of the prince in. B. Golitsyna and Princess Natalia Petrovna (Ugre. Countess Chernysheva). She spent her childhood abroad. Since 1793, the wife of Count P. AND. Stroganova. The family had five children: Alexander (died in the battle in 1814), Natalia, Aglaya (Adelaide), Elizabeth and Olga.

Distinguished by beauty, subtle mind, excellent education and soft heart. Was friendly with Empress Elizabeth Alekseevna. After the death of her husband in June 1817, for 27 years, she controlled huge tribal estates in the Perm and Novgorod provinces, showing outstanding administrative and economic abilities. In an effort to improve the social status of her peasants, she founded several agricultural schools, approved the “Rules of Pensions” by employees and the artisan, introduced the “Charter of the insured cattle”, established a service term, after which serfs received freedom without buying off.

The author of the portrait is Jean Laurent Monier, a French painter, a portraitist, court artist Louis XVI and Maria Antoinette. Worked in Russia since 1795 (6?) in 1808. Since 1802, academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (IAX), since 1806 he led the class of portrait painting. Creator of the Gallery of portraits of the Russian nobility.

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