Horse portrait of Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich

Artist – Pfandzelt

Peter III (Karl Peter Ulrich Golstein-Gottorpsky; February 21, 1728, Kil-July 6/17, 1762, Ropsha)-son of the Duke of Golstein-Gottorp Karl Friedrich and daughter of Peter I Anna Petrovna. In 1742 he was brought to Petersburg as the heir to the throne. Having accepted Orthodoxy, he received the name of Peter Fedorovich. In 1745 he married Sofia Frederica Augustus Angalt Tserbst, future Catherine II. Since 1761, the Russian emperor, the first representative of the Holstein-Gottorp (Oldenburg) branch of the Romanovs in Russian throne. After a half -year reign, it was overthrown as a result of the palace coup (1762), who elevated his wife to the throne, Catherine II. He died in the Ropshinsky Palace under unclear circumstances.

Reigned from December 25, 1761/5, 1762 to June 28/July 9, 1762.

The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 112.

On the portrait of the German artist Lucas Konrad Pfandzelt, Grand Duke Pyotr Fedorovich is depicted in the uniform of the Life Guards of the Kirasir Regiment, whose chief he was, with the orders of St. Andrew the First -Called (tape) and St. Anna (Cross). Portrait is a copy of the original g.-To. Groot from whom the artist studied. Curder to the equestrian portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna with an arapchonk-hill, 1757 (timing, Zh-11371).

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