Portrait in. G. Farmor

The artist is Vishnyakov

For many years, Vishnyakov headed the “picturesque team” of the office from buildings, a state institution, which was in charge of construction work and decorative decoration of palaces and churches of St. Petersburg and its suburbs in the 18th century. As a master of the “picturesque team”, Vishnyakov performed church images, scenery for the court theater, ceiling and painting. Vishnyakov’s works were almost not preserved. Portraits of children Fermor – one of the few artist’s works that have reached us. From 1746 to 1757, William Fermor, heading the office from the buildings, was to often deal with the head of the “picturesque team” Vishnyakov and could order him portraits of his children.

Wilhelm Georg was the only son in. Farmor. On the portrait of Wilhelm Fermor is depicted by a boy of about seven-eights, which allows the picture to the second half of the 1750s. Some stagnation and flatness of the figure, its frontal production, thoroughness in the transfer of details, decorativeness of a solution built on a combination of bright without half -ton flowers, – indicates the connection of Vishnyakov with the traditions of parsuan painting of the late XVII – early XVIII century.

Fermor Wilhelm Georg (Wilhelm Vilimovich) (1749 – no earlier than 1823), from 1758 – count, son of the head of the office from buildings, nobleman of Scottish origin. He served in the Life Guards Preobrazhensky regiment, in the rank of foreman resigned. He was married to the daughter of Colonel Ludolf von Albrecht, along whose line the portraits passed from generation to generation.

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