Portrait of Baroness Maria Yakovlevna Stroganova

The artist is Nikitin

Stroganova Maria Yakovlevna (July 20, 1677 – November 9, 1733). Baroness, daughter of Yakov Zakharyevich Novosiltsov (? – November 16, 1676). Sister of the Solikamsky governor Vasily Yakovlevich Novosiltsev. The second wife of the soloperian, the “eminent man” g. D. Stroganova; Stats-Dama Catherine I and Anna Ioannovna; Mother Alexander (1698–1754), Nikolai (1700–1758) and Sergey (1707–1756) Grigoryevichs Stroganovs. Thanks to the request of Maria Yakovlevna, the Rod Stroganovs received the title of barons of the Russian Empire from Peter I (May 30, 1722). In honor of Maria Yakovlevna, the Russian Academy of Sciences published the book “Soul Merch” (p. Buslaev, 1734). Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 126.

Pair of the portrait of the “eminent man” g. D. Stroganova (Odessa Art Museum). Depicted m. I AM. Stroganova, Born Novosiltseva. Traditionally dates back “between 1721 and 1724”. However, the state-date, having received the sign of this dignity-the breast portrait of Peter I, M. I AM. Stroganova was granted in connection with the coronation of Catherine I in Moscow on May 7, 1724. From special respect, Peter I made for Stroganova an exception, allowing her to wear an old Russian dress at court. Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 113.

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