Portrait of Daria Mikhailovna Menshikova (?)

The artist is unknown

Menshikova Daria Mikhailovna (March 19, 1682 – May 10, 1728), wife of Prince Alexander Danilovich Menshikov. The brightest princess, daughter of the Yakut governor and stolnik Mikhail Afanasevich Arseniev. After arrest in September 1727 a. D. Menshikova was exiled with him. Died on May 10, 1728, “not reaching Kazan for 7 miles”. Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 125.

Perhaps it goes back to the original l. Caravaka. For accommodation in the Romanov Gallery, the author’s canvas (99 x 89) was inserted around the perimeter. Since the portrait exhibition of 1870 and for many years later it was considered a portrait of Princess of Ekaterina Ioannovna. However, it is quite obvious that the portrait depicts Daria Mikhailovna Menshikova, wife of Prince Alexander Danilovich. The portrait could be written no later than September 1727, before the arrest and exile of Menshikov. Svetlana Moiseeva / Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 108.

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