Portrait of Queen Natalia Kirillovna

The artist is Shurmann

Tsarina Natalya Kirillovna (1651-1694) – daughter of the boyar to. P. Naryshkina, second wife (from 1671) Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, mother of Emperor Peter I and Princess Natalia Alekseevna.

On the back, the inscription reproduced during duplication of the canvas: the portrait of the written Snetara with the Blessed Empress Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna from the family of Naryshkins in 1687 by the German Shurman and bequeathed to the boyar Alexei Fedorovich Apolos, Musin Pushkin in 1776, in the sign.

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According to a technological study performed in the Physical Laboratory of GE (the presence of Spanish yellow – paint most used in the middle of the XVIII in., and microns of silver, characteristic of the middle of the XIX in.), an employee of the department of technological research of the timing and. And. Hilimonchik concluded that the portrait was made no earlier than the end of the XVIII and no later than the middle of the XIX in. from engraving and. STENGLINA. And. And. Hilimonchik identifies a portrait from the exhibiting at the exhibition 1870 under No. 45 „copy from a different type, also old on the floor. (Vysh. 12 Vershk. Shirin. 10 Vershkov) “, according to the modern account 52.8 × × 44, which came from Sobr. AT. L. Naryshkina (Hilimonchik and. On portraits of Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina from the collection of the Russian Museum. Dating. Iconography. Search of the author // Manuscript. – 1992. – WITH. 9–10). However, at the same exhibition under No. 44, it was shown „The breast image is modern, in full size, oil. paint. On the canvas (. 11 Versh. Shirin. 9 Vershkov) “(49.4 × 39.6) belonging to the IE Museum (Petrov. Cat. 1870, p.fourteen). It is very possible that we are talking about Shurmannovsky image coming from IE.

As for the inscription, it is clearly of late origin: the president of the Berg-College, a member of the St. Petersburg, Berlin, Stockholm and Turin Academies of Sciences Apaphrodovich Musin-Pushkin could not bequeath the portrait in 1776 „Boyarin Alexei Fedorovich “, since he died on June 29, 1771 (noble birth entered in the general herbalnik of the Russian Empire. Comp. Count Alexander Bobrinsky. Part 1. – St. Petersburg. – 1890. – WITH. 222).

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