Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Ioannovna

The artist is Caravak

Ekaterina Ioannovna (October 29, 1691 – June 14, 1733). Princess, daughter of Tsar John V Alekseevich, older sister of Empress Anna Ioannovna. In 1716 she married the Duke of Karl Leopold Meklenburg-Shweer (November 26, 1678-November 28, 1747). In 1722 she returned to Russia with her daughter Anna Leopoldovna (December 7, 1718 – March 19, 1746), the mother of the future Emperor John VI (August 12, 1740 – July 5, 1764) and a regent during his reign (from October 17, 1740 to November 25, 1741). Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 122.

The marriage of Princess of Ekaterina Ioannovna and Duke of Karl Leopold Meklenburg-Shweerinsky took place on April 16, 1716. Caravak arrived in Russia on March 23 of the same year.

Traditionally considered the work of L. Caravaka. The data of technological research and comparison with the reference works of Caravak stated the difference in painting manners. Most likely, the portrait should date from the mid-1710s-the time of the matchmaking of the Duke of Karl Leopold Meklenburg-Shweer, and its author was also.-G. Tannauer. Svetlana Moiseeva / Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 76.

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