Portrait of Count Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov

The artist is unknown

Shuvalov Petr Ivanovich (1711–1762)-Russian statesman, Field Marshal General. Cousin and. And. Shuvalova. From small Kostroma landowners. He began the service at the court in the last years of the reign of Peter I, then the chamber-page at the court of the Cesarevna Elizabeth Petrovna; For promoting its construction to the throne, he was granted real chamberlains, appointed by the senator and was soon erected to the count dignity of the Russian Empire (1746). Commanded the army division in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, later the observation corps formed by him. He was a conference minister, managed and improved the artillery and weapons office, opened several arms factories, industrial and mining enterprises (Votkinsky and Izhevsk ironworks and others.). Enjoyed unlimited power in the whole reign of Elizabeth Petrovna. He was engaged in active reformation, including he developed projects for the destruction of internal customs and outposts, to increase duties on goods brought from abroad (1753); They established the first Russian banks, the Military Academy. Some of the projects introduced the treasury at a loss, but became "profitable enough for himself". He exhausted himself the exclusive right to leave the forest, fat abroad. He was buried under the Nikolo-Malitsky Vozdvizhensky Monastery of the Tver region.

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