The artist is the Venetian

Considering this small software canvas of Venetianov, we seem to penetrate under the low, darkened rafters of the ancient Gum, where the peasants are busy with their daily affairs. The design of the picture arose among the artist under the influence of the Hermitage Fabric of Francois Gran “The Inner appearance of the Kapucin Monastery in Rome”. Venetianov admired this work, thanks to which he realized the importance of prospects for the depiction of nature – “revival”, as he himself said. Indeed, prospects dominate in the picture: are carefully given to a single point of the line of the line formed by logs and beams. The author also needs the author as promising “milestones” – decreasing on a scale, they give us an idea of ​​the depth of space. It is interesting to note that the artist cut off the front wall of a real threshing floor in his estate in order to write it from nature and more accurately convey the lighting. Work on Gumn, requiring nature, probably began in the summer of 1822 and continued in the summer of 1823 in Saphonkovo. In April 1824, Venetinov brought the picture to Emperor Alexander I, and on April 29 she was entered into the catalog of the imperial Hermitage. The artist received 3,000 rubles for her.

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