Flowers, fruits and parrots

The artist is Belsky

Desulusport a. And. Belsky was written for the Yekaterinhof Palace simultaneously with the desuDorts B. Sukhodolsky “painting” and “music” and and and. Firsova “Flowers and fruits” (all – timing).

All four works of approximately the same size, two of them – Alexei Belsky and Boris Sukhodolsky dated 1754. However, if the Sukhodolsky desyudports are classic “gallant scenes”, then the work of Belsky and. Firsova – classic still lifes. In all cases, works of Western European artists could serve as the originals.

(Svetlana Moiseeva. Belian artists. SPb, 2019. With. 52)

The Yekaterinhof Palace was laid down by Peter I in 1711. In the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna, the second floor was built. In the lower floor, they retained the decoration of the rooms in the very form as it was under Peter, at the top the chambers were removed quite magnificent, in the taste of the latest time.

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