The artist is the Venetian

At the end of 1820-X, continuing to create small works, close in nature to field sketches, Venetians are increasingly turning to the large-sized canvases with generalized figurative characteristics of the characters. These paintings include "Reapers" – One of the best creatures of the period of the highest creative heyday of the master. The picture is essentially a genre portrait, which is a lot in the creative heritage of Venetinov (the peasant boy Zakharka is depicted, whom Venetinov portraited in 1825). The images, however, become emphasized by monumental, a picturesque texture is revealed, a smear becomes large and pastes. The artist with seriousness and sincerity, far from sentimentality, embodies the beauty and strength of a directly manifested feeling, which is characteristic of romantic art, which often resorted to the genre characteristic of the character.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 160.

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