Peter I in the Battle of Poltava

The artist is Tannauer

Peter I the Great (Petr Alekseevich; May 30 / June 9, 1672, Moscow − January 28 /8 February, 1725, St. Petersburg) − The last king of all Rus’ from the Romanov dynasty (from 1682) and the first Emperor All -Russian (since 1721). He was the fourteenth child of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, but the first from the second wife, Queen Natalia Kirillovna (nee Naryshkina). The first of the Russian kings in 1698 began large -scale reforms of the Russian state and public way. Reigned from April 27 / May 7, 1682 to January 28 / February 8, 1725. The 400th anniversary of the Romanov house. SPb, 2013. With. 112.

Since 1682 – Tsar (until 1696, together with his brother John V). Since 1721 – the first emperor of the All -Russian. The foreign and domestic policy pursued by him aimed to integrate Russia into the international European system. Under Peter I, all spheres of public life were subjected to reform: public administration, church, army, education, household culture. He founded the Russian fleet, waged wars with Turkey for access to the Black Sea and with Sweden – to the Baltic, in order to provide Russia with waterway to Western Europe.

The picture was resolved in European traditions for the image of the participation of the monarch in the battle scene. The researcher of the iconography of Peter a century and a half ago noted that here “the image of the sovereign is not quite similar to his known portraits” (Friedburg 1872. With. 12). At the 1870 portrait exhibition, this work in the catalog was commented as the “finished sketch” of the large picture ordered by Tannauer in 1718 (Petrov 1870. With. 28. No. 97). Svetlana Moiseeva / Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 53.

The Battle of Poltava – one of the largest battles of the Northern War between the Russian troops under the command of Peter I and the Swedish army of Charles XII – took place on June 27 (July 8) 1709 six miles from Poltava. The forces in the infantry were approximately equal. But in artillery, the advantage of Russians was overwhelming. The defeat of the Swedes laid the foundation during the Northern War. Svetlana Moiseeva / Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 47.

Programs/Films about this work in the media text:

Peter I in the Battle of Poltava
Tannauer and.-G. Peter I in the Battle of Poltava
Creation year: 2015 | Computer movie | Language: | Duration: 05:30

The film tells about one of the lifetime portraits of Peter I, who was performed by his court painter, Saxon by origin, and.G. Tannauer. The emperor is depicted on the battlefield at the time of the victory won over the army of King Charles XII and the troops of his ally of Hetman Mazepa.

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