Portrait of Countess a. And. Bezborodko with daughters of love and Cleopatra

The artist is Borovikovsky

The work is devoted to the main idea – the holiness of family ties. A clear drawing in the portrait, plastic modeling of forms, local color, indicates classical trends in Russian painting at the beginning of the 19th century. But at the same time, in a fashionable cap of Barbet (wide linen tape with a corrugated rim) on the head of the mother, hairstyles of sisters, light dresses of heroines, depicted against the backdrop of the thunderstorm, there is an offensive in the visual art of the era of early romanticism.

Bezborodko Anna Ilyinichna (nee. Width; 1766 –1824) – Countess (from 797), spouse of a real secret adviser, senator (younger brother of Chancellor A. AND. Bezborodko) and. AND. Bezborodko.

Kusheleva Lyubov Ilyinichna (1782–1809) – Countess, eldest daughter a. And. and and. AND. Bezborodko. In 1797 she was appointed maid of honor to the court of Empress Maria Fedorovna. From 1799 married to Admiral Count G. G. Kushelev (1754–1833). Due to the early death of his brother and the cessation of the offspring of the Counts of Bezborodko, her son Alexander (1800–1855) received in 1816 the right to be called Count Kushelv-Bezborodko.

Mercilessly Cleopatra Ilyinichna (1787-1840) – Countess, youngest daughter a. And. and and. AND. Bezborodko. Since 1811, married to the Adjutant General Prince A. I AM. Lobanov-Rostovsky (1788–1866), known for his passion for history and collecting (Chancellor Prince A. AND. Bezborodko did not leave offspring, and his nieces got a great collection of painting, which served as the basis for the creation of the Kushelevsky art gallery. In the hands of Cleopatra Ilyinichna – a miniature portrait of brother Andrei Bezborodko showered with diamonds.

Bezborodko Andrey Ilyich (1783–1814) – Count, Chamberlain. The only son a. And. and and. AND. Bezborodko.

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