Death of Camille, sisters Horace

The artist is Bruni

The plot of the picture 23-year-old Fedor Bruni is borrined from the legendary past of Rome when Rome was at enmity with the city of Alba Long. The fate of this many years of enmity was to decide in a duel between the three Horace brothers-from Rome, and three brothers of the Kuriats-from Alba Long Long. The winner of the Horace survived after the battle, upon returning to Rome, meets sister Camilla, mourning his fiancé, one of the Kuriaatsis. The angry brother amazes her with a sword. The hero’s act is not respect for others, but rather horror and compassion for his victim. The hero is lonely, between him and fellow citizens – a tragic misunderstanding. The canvas called Bruni “Triumph Horace” was already called contemporaries differently: “The death of Camilla, sisters Horace”.

The action of this canvas unfolds before us like a classic frieze: the plastic of figures placed as on stage is thoroughly modeling, their gestures are majestic, large folds of drapery are noisy. A scarlet cloak and spectacular pose is highlighted by the hero placed in the center – its indicating hand exactly coincides with the diagonal of the composition.

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