Portrait of Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov

The artist is Rokotov

Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov (1727–1797)-statesman, Ober-chamberlain, lieutenant general, Adjutant General. In 1742 he began the service at the court of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, from 1749, becoming her favorite, had a huge impact on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. In 1755 he achieved the opening of the first Russian university in Moscow and became its curator. Patronized m. AT. Lomonosov, was in correspondence with Voltaire, Helvetsia. In 1757, on his initiative, the Imperial Academy of Arts (IAX) was opened, which he was a curator until 1763. Having transmitted his collection of paintings to Iah, he laid the foundation for her museum. After the accession to the throne of Catherine II went abroad, where he lived fourteen years (1763–1777). After returning, he was appointed Obercamerger and became a regular interlocutor of Catherine II. He was buried in the Annunciation Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Depicted with the orders of St. Anna (1752) and the White Eagle (1754), therefore, the portrait can be dated to the second half of the 1750s. According to the status of Lieutenant General, presented in a blue uniform with red lapels and gold sewing. The first information about the portrait was discovered in the “Inventory inventory things that were in the view of Cyril Golovachevsky” of 1773 (No. 172), where it is given as the work of. With. Rokotova (Moiseeva. With. 58. No. 170–172). The picture was exhibited at the historical exhibition of portraits of 1870, but in the comments a reward was mistakenly indicated – the Andreevskaya tape, while the Order of the White Eagle (Kat. historical exhibition. With. 83. No. 282). In 1889 the presence of a portrait and. And. Shuvalova brush f. With. Rokotova in the Hall of the Council of IAh noted D. AND. Rovinsky (Rovinsky. T. IV. Stlb. 260). Under the name of Rokotov, the portrait was exhibited at the Tauride exhibition with an indication in the catalog “Fear. In the Hall of the Council of Imper. Academy of Arts “(Kat. Tauride exhibition. T. III. With. nine. No. 493). Three years later, “undoubted authorship” f. With. Rokotova confirmed and n. N. Wrangel (cat. Wrangel. With. 79–81). The portrait entered the timing under the name “Kulibin”. In the middle of the 20th century, authorship was restored (Lapshina. No. 6). Subsequently, the portrait was issued to the House of Writers and in 1977 entered the timing a second time. In the last monograph on Rokotov, a portrait was mentioned among the artist’s early works “Location is unknown” (Rimskaya-Korsakova. With. 275. No. 6). Portrait and. And. Shuvalova may be attributed to the number of the earliest works f. With. Rokotova. Stylistic and technological research allow you to date the portrait of the middle of the XVIII century.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 61.

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