Portrait of Princess Praskovya Ivanovna

The artist is Nikitin

Praskovya Ioannovna (September 24, 1694 – October 8, 1731). Princess, youngest daughter of Tsar John V Alekseevich, sister of Ekaterina Ioannovna and Anna Ioannovna. After the death of her mother in 1723 she entered into marriage with the consent of Peter I (according to other sources-secretly) with General-Anthef Ivan Ilyich Dmitriev-Mamonov (December 10, 1680-May 24, 1730). Their son was born in October 1724 and died around 1730.

Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 123.

The portrait entered the academy no later than mid -1773. Then he left the Academic Assembly. It was exhibited at the 1905 Tauride exhibition as the work of Tannauer (?) and the image of Anna Petrovna (?). In the collection of the Olive family, it was considered an image of the unknown work of Ivan Nikitin. The opinion that Praskovya Ivanovna is presented in the picture, expressed in the catalog of the 1948 Russian Museum of the Russian Museum. In the future, the authorship of Nikitin and the name of the depicted did not dispute.

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