Waterfall in Tivoli. Villa from the villa of philanthropists

The artist is Matveev

As a pensioner, Iah Fedor Matveev, leaves for Italy in 1779 and remains there forever. Working a lot and constantly improving his skill, the artist becomes one of the leading European landscape painters. His canvases, written according to the canons of classicism, are in great demand. Depicting the types of certain places in Italy, Matveev gave them idealized, solemnly great features.
The late period of Matveyev’s work does not carry traces of the influence of the violent changes taking place inside the landscape genre. He is conservative as a colorist, magnificent as a draftsman, creates the same ideal pictures of nature. In the late landscapes of certain places, the character, as before, the nature of the composition coexists with a specific species motive.

Tivoli is a city in Central Italy, in the Lazio region, 24 km from Rome, on the Teveryon River. Known from IV in. BC. e. Architectural monuments: the Temple of Vesta (or Sivilly, II – I centuries. BC. e.), The villa of the philanthropist (I in. BC. e.), Villa d’Este (1549) with a park and a cascading system of fountains.

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