The vision of St. Anthony

The artist is unknown

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The state of safety before restoration:

The picture nailed to the subframe from the front side of the nails entered in an emergency state: the cardboard was very oxidized and deformed, with a breakthrough and numerous nail punctures. The damaged subframe did not provide stable support for the basis of the work; The internal edges of the subframe planks provoked the appearance of significant fractures of the base and soil.

On the front side, soil craquelure with raised edges was observed over the entire surface; around the perimeter – numerous small shirts and loss of a colorful layer. The darkened and contaminated varnish greatly changed the color of the author’s painting, fragmented records distorted the image.

Complex of the events:

In accordance with the decision of the restoration council, the traditional sequence of restoration work was changed. First of all, records were removed, a rather thick, cover layer of varnish was thorough. After branding the front side, two layers of mycalent paper is dismantled from the subframe.

The author’s cardboard was an amorphous mass with large inclusions of rag particles, was very deformed. It was possible to eliminate the deformation only with the help of the clarification of cardboard. The cardboard was removed in layers; After removing most of it, the irregularities formed in the process of applying by the author of the soil, reinforced by the irregularities of low -quality author’s cardboard. The remnants of cardboard in the irregularities of the soil prevented the further strengthening and alignment of the soil and laying the craquelure in the plane. Therefore, they were removed.

The soil and colorful layer are strengthened from the back of sturgeon glue. The back side is strengthened by two layers of Japanese paper kozo-s. After removing the preventive branding, the picture was duplicated on the neutral rag cardboard of Werner, and then fixed on a new dull subframe.

Restoration soil is brought to the places of loss of soil and colorful layer, varnish regeneration is performed. Losses and scum of painting are completed. Tints darkened in color in the right upper quarter made during the previous restoration are adjusted in color. The picture is varnished.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 178-179.

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