Terrace on the seashore. Kapuccini near Sorrento

The artist is Shchedrin

The artist used the motive in the picture "landscape interior", formed by greens of trees and pierced by light and air. Particularly willingly Shchedrin wrote picturesque Neapolitan poor people. They were natural inhabitants "Harbor" and "terraces" and gave the paintings life ease and "Local flavor", who so appreciated romantics. The artist also portrayed monks and a Catholic priest. Probably, Shchedrin wrote about him from Sorrento to his brother to Russia, saying that the priest refused to take a fee for posing and agreed only to serve the lunch for the rest of his father’s soul.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 126.

The location of the terrace with its characteristic architecture was established thanks to the drawings made by an unknown amateur artist of the 19th century. Among them were the sketches of this terrace with the inscription, which depicted the village of Kapuccini near Sorrento. In the legacy of Shchedrin, there are several paintings named "Verand" or "Terraces". Compositionally, the paintings were close to each other and enjoyed great success, and the artist received requests to write them again and again.

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