Type of Naples. Embankment of Santa Lucia

The artist is Shchedrin

The artist captured on the canvas the Neapolitan embankment of Santa Lucia, glorified in songs and verses, which was a favorite place of walking. Shchedrin in one of his letters outlined her: "Imagine the whole jerk for yourself: the shore is laid down by racks, where the Lasarons are sold oysters and other sea reproaches, as well as fish, there is immediately a well with sulfur water, taverns, where only one fish are going to have dinner, and eat outdoors under my windows; There are also chairs for spectators on the sides of the sides, many people fill this part of the city". On the embankment of Santa-Lucia, the artist lived for several years, calling it "The best place from the whole of Naples".

In 1940, the picture was issued from the timing for temporary storage to the Alupkinsky Palace Museum as part of a mobile exhibition. During the years of WWI was lost. By order of the USSR MK, it was excluded from the inventory of the timing. In 1978, the picture in a catastrophic state of safety was discovered in Yalta and transmitted to the exhibition complex of the sanatorium "Livadia", Where in 1980 was transferred to the State Research Workshop of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in Kyiv, where restoration was held.

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