Portrait of Count a. With. Stroganova

The artist is Roslin

Swedish painter Alexander Roslin (1718, Malmo – 1793, Paris) worked in Russia from 1775 to 1777. Wrote many portraits of the imperial family and the highest nobility. He enjoyed great success in St. Petersburg.

Stroganov Alexander Sergeevich (1733-1811)-Count, son with. G. Stroganova and Sofia Kirillovna (nee. Naryshkina). From 1752 to 1757 he studied abroad. In 1761 he received the title of Count of the Holy Roman Empire, in 1762 chamberlain, in 1770 a secret adviser, from 1775 a valid secret adviser, senator, in 1796 Ober-chamberlain, from 1798 Count of the Russian Empire, director of a public library. Since 1800 President of the IAX. From 1784 to 1811 St. Petersburg provincial leader of the nobility, from 1801 member of the State Council. Collector. Personally compiled and published in a small number a description of his collection under the title “Catalogue Raison des Tableaux, Que Composent La Collection du Comte a. De Stroganoff “. He was married twice: the first wife – and. M. Vorontsova, the second – Princess E. P. Trubetskoy. Depicted with the orders of the White Eagle (tape and star) and St. Anna (Cross). Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum. Persons of Russia. SPb. 2012. With. 89.

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