Portrait of Agafia Dmitrievna (Agashi) Levitskaya

The artist is Levitsky

Daughter d. G. Levitsky Agafya Dmitrievna (1760s-no earlier than 1805) is depicted in a suit, which was previously considered a wedding outfit of a peasant of the Russian North. In fact, a costume that included silk or brocade sundresses and a heartbreaking, thin lace on the sleeves of the shirt, a kokoshnik or a crown decorated with pearls, a silk bedspread, in the second half of the 18th century was a festive outfit of wealthy citizens. The portrait is executed with the characteristic transmission of the texture of silk fabrics, the features of the traditional cut and the smallest details of the finish, which does not allow doubt about the authenticity of the costume depicted by the artist. Such an understanding of the beauty of a folk costume, not changed for the sake of the rules of academic art, was a rare phenomenon in the painting of this time. Women’s folk costume in Russia of the XVIII – XX centuries. SPb, 2013. With.nineteen.

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