Portrait of Admiral Semyon Ivanovich Mordvinov (1701-1777)

The artist is unknown

Mordvinov Semen Ivanovich (1701–1777) – admiral, marine writer. It came from the noble family, the beginning from the native of the Mordovian horde Murat Mordvinov. Among other noble children was represented by Peter I and sent to study at Novgorod, and then Narva schools (1715). He studied the marine case in France (1716–1722), appointed adjutant to the chief commander of Kronstadt Vice Admiral Gordon (1724). The Admiral Senyavin (1726–1729), commander of the Astrakhan port (1731) swimming in the squadron. On the occasion of the expected war with Prussia, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed the head of the detachment, who made unspoken measurements and inventory off the coast of Prussia (1756). He commanded the Kronstadt detachment of 16 ships in the squadron of Admirals Mishukov and Polyansky, twice participated in the siege of Kolberg and with his surrender (1758-1761). Appointed by Emperor Peter III member "commission for bringing fleets to a safe position" (1762). For the conscientious and quick supply of ships preparing for a campaign in the Mediterranean Sea, he was awarded the Order of St. Andrew the First -Called (1769). He resigned, granted two villages in the Polotsk province (1777). At different times, he was engaged in translations and compilation of books, catalogs in maritime, in particular, they compiled "Assembly about navigation" (1730), a set of sea signals (1756) and others. Invented a number of navigation devices, including a compass with an arrow, magnetized by artificial (and not natural, as before) magnet and other. Caring for the improvement of the Russian fleet brought into use instead of boats for battleships for battleships and frigates. The variety of works left indicates exceptional technical and literary abilities. Buried in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

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