Portrait b. Torvaldsen

The artist is Kiprensky

Torvaldsen Bertel (Albert), (1770-1844)-one of the largest European sculptors, was born in Copenhagen. In Russia, it was quite popular largely thanks to the orders of the Russian nobility – and. Didrichstein, e. AND. Osterman-Tolstoy, m. AND. Naryshkina, n. N. Demidova, m. F. Baryatinskaya and others.

In the early 1820s, the sculptor Torvaldsen, having fulfilled the bust of Emperor Alexander I from nature, gained wide fame in Russia. Soon, sculptor B was officially attached to him as a pensioner of the Russian Academy of Arts. And. Orlovsky.By the beginning of the 1830s, when Kiprensky was working on an echoport, Torvaldsen was already recognized by the head of academic classicism, president of the Roman and Copenhagen Academy of Arts.

The portrait is performed by the hand of an already experienced painter: the sculptor’s face is perfectly fashioned, a sharp turn emphasizes the energy of nature, while the wide folds of the cloak give the figure of Torvaldsen monumentality.

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