Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Alekseevna Dolgorukova

The artist is unknown

Ekaterina Alekseevna Dolgorukova, Princess (1712-174?) – the daughter of the actual secret adviser to Prince Alexei Grigoryevich and Praskovy Yuryevna (nee. Hilkova), the bride of Emperor Peter II. Together with her brother Ivan was brought up in Warsaw, in the house of her grandfather, Grigory Fedotovich. Submitting to the will of her father, she agreed to marry Emperor Peter II. In the fall of 1729, Peter II met Ekaterina Dolgorukova through her brother Ivan and on November 19 officially announced his intention to marry her. Until November of the same year, betrothal took place, the princess was awarded the title of “Her Highness of the Empire-Elevials” and the Order of St. Catherine.

Since the order is absent, it can be assumed that the portrait was ordered by one of the court painter ”and executed in extremely short terms between November 19 and 30, 1729-after the emperor’s announcement of marriage and before the solemn betrothal. The wedding of Peter II and Ekaterina Dolgorukova was scheduled for January 19, 1730, but on the night of January 18 to January 19, Peter II died. Ivan Dolgorukov tried to save the situation of his relatives and build his sister to the throne. The conspiracy failed. In April 1730, after the Empress Anna Ioannovna, Princess Catherine, was deprived of the Order and Susclan with the whole family to Siberia. In 1739, she was transported to Novgorod and sharpened in the Voskresensky-Goritsky Monastery, which was kept in the most strict imprisonment for almost two years. Empress Elizabeth ordered her to free her and granted the title of maid of honor. In 1745, she married the Anthef General Count R. Bruce.

Svetlana Moiseeva // N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 150.

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