Portrait of Prince Yakov Fedorovich Dolgoruky

The artist is unknown

Yakov Fedorovich Dolgoruky (1659–1720) – statesman, military leader, one of the closest associates of Peter I. Came from an ancient princely kind, which gave Russia many famous people. Received a good education under the leadership of a Polish mentor. In 1682, during the Streletsky riot, he openly took the side of Tsarevich Peter. Tsarevna Sofya, fearing his influence on her brother, sent a Dolgoruky ambassador to France and Spain to ask for help in the upcoming war with Turkey. In 1689, in the midst of Peter with Sofia Dolgoruky, one of the first to appear to Peter in the Trinity-Sergius Monastery. Participated in both Azov campaigns and was erected to the title of neighboring boyar. Enjoyed the special trust of Peter I. In the battle of Narva Dolgoruky, he was captured and spent more than ten years in the Swedish captivity. Going on a schooner from Jacobstadt to Umo along with other Russian prisoners, managed to disarm the guard and brought the schooner to Revel. Was appointed senator and headed the military commissariat. Peter I used the experience and observation of Dolvekoye for the Swedish state structure during the most important state reforms. Since 1717 President of the Revision College. In this post, he became famous for the severity and incompetence in defending state interests.
A copy of the portrait of 1687 of an unknown Western European artist (GE property).

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