Portrait of Grand Duchess Natalya Alekseevna, sisters of Emperor Peter II

The artist is Milyukov

Circle l. Caravaka. Milyukov (?) Ivan Lukyanovich.

Natalya Alekseevna, Grand Duchess (1714–1728) – daughter of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich and Charlotte Sofia Braunschweig, sister of Emperor Peter II. According to the spiritual testament of Catherine I, she was among those persons of the imperial surname who had the right to inherit the Russian throne in the event of the death of Peter II, Anna Petrovna and Elizabeth Petrovna and their offspring. It was exhibited at portrait exhibitions as a portrait of the ruler Anna Leopoldovna, was considered work and. G. Tannauer. It is proved that the portrait depicts the Grand Duchess Natalya Alekseevna and the author is not and it is and. G. Tannauer, as previously thought. The portrait dates from the end of the 1720s-no later than the end of 1731. The iconographic type used by the author dates back to the works of. Caravaka. But he was performed, most likely, his students who copied the original teacher. The document dated October 26, 1731 indicates that the copies that “the painting apprentice Ivan Vishnyakov and the picturesque student Ivan Milyukov wrote at the direction of L. Caravaka and from the person of the Great Princess Natalia Alekseevna ”, were over and sent from Moscow to St. Petersburg (RGIA, F. 470, op. 5, d. 100, 1731, l. 125–125 vol.). In the cat. 1980 (p. 370. No. 6594): Portrait of the ruler of Anna Leopoldovna (1718–1746). About 1740. Svetlana Moiseeva // N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 44.

Depicted with the star and tape of the Order of St. Catherine. The portrait was considered the image of the ruler Anna Leopoldovna and the brushes were attributed to.-G. Tannauer. Personification of the portrait, authorship and. Milyukov and dating were suggested in 1965. The document discovered later gives reason to believe that Milyukov copied the portrait of the brush. Caravaka. Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 78.

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