The phenomenon of Christ the people

The artist is Ivanov

The Russian Museum has a large sketch "The phenomena of Christ the people" (The picture itself – in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow). The initial design of the artist provided for the creation of a picture of just such a size, and only in the process of work Ivanov came to more monumental forms.

The plot is based on the gospel event: the inspired John the Baptist baptizes the people in the waters of the Jordan River, announcing people about the arrival of the one who is designed to make a root turn in the life of mankind. Behind John the Baptist is a group of future disciples of Christ: John the Theologian, the Apostles Andrey, Nafanael; On the other side – Pharisees, Roman warriors. In the foreground of the picture, a group of people whose images, according to the artist, embody the whole gamut of experiences, the attitude to the sermon of the prophet. They rejoice, doubt, hope for the appearance of the Savior. A special find of the artist was the image of a pervaded slave, which became a real revelation in Russian painting. In biblical legend, the artist saw an opportunity to express a dream of freedom: "The day of humanity began, the day of moral improvement".

Closely knew the artist and. With. Turgenev wrote: "In the depths of thought, by the strength of expression, in truth and honest strict performance, a first -class thing".

Work on this truly grand work lasted more than two decades. In the process of creating the picture, numerous sketches and sketches were written, which became for many generations of artists the only school of picturesque realistic skill. Many of them belong to the highest achievements of Russian painting of the 19th century.

Alexander Ivanov. The phenomenon of Christ the people. AND.AT.Prozorova

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