Dog and cat at the table with a bat bird

The artist is a thunder

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The state of safety before restoration:

The picture entered the restoration workshop among the works intended at the exhibition “Classry of Beasts and Birds”, held in the Russian Museum in 2013.

The main reason for the impossibility of exhibiting the picture was the presence of a large number of late picturesque layers on the author’s painting, actively noticeable, distorting the author’s flavor. Records and darkened layers of cover varnishes arose during the period of existence of the work as a result of multi -time restorations and plays. The technical condition of the preservation of the surface of the picture was also unsatisfactory: the colorful layer was damaged by crackeleta cracks, in places with raised edges and losses.

Complex of the events:

During the restoration process, dangerous sections of the colorful layer were strengthened, deformation was eliminated, restoration edges were brought down along the edges of the canvas and the picture was re -stretched over the subframe.

The main task was to clear the author’s painting from later layers. Technological and chemical studies were preliminarily performed. They showed that the distant plan of the picture with the image of the wall was almost completely rewritten, and in different places the surface of the painting determines more fresh darkened tints. All these extraneous colorful and varnish layers were sequentially removed by selected solvents under the control of the surface in UV rays. As a result, a different background color appeared, the author’s-silver-olive. The losses open after clearing the loss of the upper layer of painting on the image of the wall were applied to the color of the author’s screening.

In the remaining areas of the picture, local records were removed, as well as darkened covering multi -time varnish layers. In general, the flavor of the picture was noticeably highlighted, the tone of the color scheme has changed a little.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 74-75.

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