Portrait of Stolnik Fedor Ivanovich Verigin

The artist is unknown

Verigin Fedor Ivanovich (years of life are unknown). C 1658 – Stolnik of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, until 1692 – Peter I. One of the participants of the “all-wound crazy cathedral of the all-illegal prince-papa”. His daughter Maria was married to. With. Dolgoruky, the grandson is married to a. AT. Sheremeteva.

Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 124.

It was first published in the Almanac “Artistic Treasures of Russia” for 1903, but the name and patronymic of the character were not indicated. In the catalog of the 1973 exhibition, he was named Fedor Ivanovich. It was established that Peter I Steeper Verigin was in 1692. It can be stated that Verigin, like all the bearded characters of the “Preobrazhenskaya series”, could not be captured later on August 30, 1698, when Peter returned from abroad, he ordered the boyars and people from the inner circle to shave his beards and people.

Peter I. Time and environment. SPb, 2015. With. 99.

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