Portrait e. And. Nelidov

The artist is Levitsky

In the seventies of the XVIII century, by order of Catherine II, Levitsky wrote a series "Smolinki", consisting of seven portraits of pupils of the Smolny Institute of noble girls – a privileged educational institution opened in St. Petersburg in 1764 by decree of the empress. Daughters of the nobles were prepared there for court service and social life. Talents brought up in girls, "Nice in society", – They were taught French and German, elegant manners, as well as sing, dance, play musical instruments. The Smolny Institute often arranged ideas where the Smolians played French comedies, and also performed in the ballet.

Ekaterina Ivanovna Nelidova (1758–1839) – daughter of Lieutenant and. D. Nelidov. From 1765 to 1775, the pupil of the Smolny Institute; At the end of the institute, she was awarded the gold medal of the second magnitude and the cipher of Catherine II. Since 1776 – maid of honor of Grand Duchess Natalia Alekseevna. After her death in 1777 – maid of honor of Grand Duchess Maria Fedorovna. Frequeline chamber and cavalier lady of the Order of St. Catherine of the Small Cross. Favorite Paul I. She spent the recent years of her life at the Smolny Institute, where she occupied the unofficial position of the lady-patronesses. The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 93.

E. And. Nelidova is depicted in a theater suit, in which she performed a dance number on the stage of the Theater of the Educational Society of noble girls. The artist shows his model in ain -a -aided natural being, in an organic merger with nature, in a graceful impulse of the sparkling optimism of the game, on the threshold of the promising hope of life.

About the restoration of a series of paintings d. Levitsky "Smolinki" On the website of the Restoration Service of Museum Values

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The state of safety before restoration:

Two and three -layer changed varnish, applied at different times, blocked traces of previous restorations. Numerous small records located over the entire surface changed a lot and entered the author’s painting. In connection with the darkening of the varnish “cosmetic” tinting to exhibitions were performed taking into account its acquired color. Thus, green tinting was applied according to the bluish-white image of the sky. Varnish in its structure is, albeit darkened, but film. Through him in a distorted color, author’s painting is visible. The records made to block minor losses were applied with a dense layer under yellow-brown varnish, were optically very noticeable, since they were not transparent. Records were located mainly, both in small loss and on sedimentation and craquelure.

Complex of the events:

Before proceeding with the main task of revealing the author’s painting, preventive conservation measures were performed – strengthening the colorful layer and duplication of edges. When studying the visible luminescence of the surface of the painting in UV rays, the latest records were well determined. The same that lay under all layers of varnish were not visible enough and were installed in the process of clearing. Such records were identified on the image of the hair Nelidova. In the braid, they were noticeable in height and texture. In the process, they were adjusted in terms of level, texture and color. After removing the varnish, minor losses in the image of the sky in the right upper part were disclosed. Restoration tinting was carried out strictly within the limits of loss, in absolute accordance with the color of the author’s painting.

The portrait after the restoration acquired a thin cold flavor, picturesque nuances sounded, a yellow filter of varnish and not compliance with the author’s recording palette left.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 81.

Programs/Films about this work in the media text:

Portrait of E.I. Nelidova
D.G.Levitsky. By the 275th birthday
Creation year: 2010 | Video painting | Language: | Duration: 25:47

Dmitry Grigorievich Levitsky – one of the best portraitists in Russian history of painting. In this film, the director of the Russian Museum in.AND.Gusev talks about the work of the master and the history of his work on the series of portraits of the pupils of the Smolny Institute of noble girls.

Portrait of E.I. Nelidova
Dmitry Levitsky. “Smolinki”. Restoration of portraits
Creation year: 2010 | Interactive program | Language:

The multimedia program was released for an exhibition dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Grigoryevich Levitsky in the Russian Museum. The program talks about the restoration of the famous “Smolyans” – seven portraits of pupils of the educational society of noble girls at the Smolny Institute.

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