Trinity Old Testament

The artist is Vishnyakov

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The state of safety before restoration:

The icon entered the workshop after returning from the Holy Trinity Izmailovsky Cathedral, which suffered greatly during the fire of 2006. The canvas in several places was burned by coals on the back. Old duplication, performed in the late 30s of the twentieth century, required replacement. The front side was very contaminated and covered with a thick layer of fat soot and dust. As a result of physico-chemical studies, it turned out that the colorful layer suffered from old subnitting restorations, which was evidenced by the layers of records that completely overlapping the images of the sky and the poster. Figures and “still life” on the table were strongly spelled out.

Complex of the events:

The icon needed a full range of restoration work, including the transfer of the foundation. In the process of folly, a breakthrough of the author’s canvas opened, a patch glued on the front side and an entry covered. The patch was removed and the insert within the boundaries of loss was made, after which duplication was performed on a new canvas. After conservation measures, the exhibit was stretched on a pre -repaired historical subframe. The thick layer of dark soot was removed that arose as a result of the fire. During the trial disclosures, layers of multi -time records were identified and then removed. Several layers of varnish with inter -lacquers are also removed. The lower layer of the author’s varnish was specified with the constant control of the visible luminescence of UV rays. From under the darkened layers of records and varnish, a large number of losses and scuffs of a colorful layer were opened, which were toned. The author’s color of the poster and the sky has opened, the author’s writing of letters, the drawing of the folds of the clothes has changed. After restoration, the icon is varnished. All her flavor became lighter and more saturated.

Keeping a story. Restoration workshop of the Russian Museum – 100 years. SPb, 2022. With. 151.

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