The test of the force of Jan Usmar

The artist is Ugryumov

Yan Usmar (Usmoshvets, Usmovich) – Russian hero of the time of the great Kyiv Prince Vladimir. In 992, the war began between Kievan Rus and Pechenegs. Two troops came together on the Trubizh River. Opponents agreed to solve the battle with a fight of the heroes. The young warrior Yan Usmar wished to go to the fight from the Russian army. Vladimir decided to experience his strength and ordered to fight to begin with a ferocious bull. Jan Usmar with one jerk pulled the ribs from a huge animal. In the subsequent duel, he strangled the Pecheneg hero, and the steppe fled in fear. According to legend, at the site of this fight, Vladimir laid the city of Pereyaslavl. The program given in 1795 to Ugryumov read: “On the military field in the presence of Grand Duke Vladimir Russian Warrior, the smaller son shows the experience of his extraordinary power over an angry bull, whom he sees the skin and captured the meat on his side”. (WITH. M.)

Electronic catalog “Heroes and villains of Russian history”. SPb, 2010. With. 43.

Programs/Films about this work in the media text:

The test of the force of Jan Usmar
Conversations about art. R.AND. Gelman. The Russian Museum
Creation year: 2010 | Interactive program | Language:

The audiovisual lectures of the senior researcher of the Russian Museum, Honored Worker of Culture Regina Abramovna Gelman are devoted to several masterpieces from the collection of the Russian Museum. You can find out what “still life” is.E.Repin created his work “Burglaki on the Volga” or about how at the very difficult moment of his life in.And.Surikov decided to write “taking a snowy town”.

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