Portrait of the prince a. B. Kurakina

The artist is Borovikovsky

Alexander Borisovich Kurakin (1752–1818) – prince, statesman, diplomat. In childhood, he was brought up with the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich. Studied at the University of Leiden. In 1778 he was granted real chamberlains and chief prosecutors of the Senate. Since 1796-Vice Chancellor, in 1798 he was dismissed from the service, and in 1801 he was again returned to the position of vice-chancellor. President of the College of Foreign Affairs. Since 1802 – Chancellor of Russian Orders, member of the State Council. In 1807 – participated in the signing of the Tilsit world, then sent to Vienna with a diplomatic mission. From 1809 to 1812 Ambassador to Paris, timely informed the Russian government about the upcoming invasion of Napoleon. He was buried in Pavlovsk in the court church of St. Mary Magdalene. Monument on his grave with the inscription "My friend of my wife" set by Empress Maria Fedorovna.

Depicted in the mantle of the gentleman of the Order of St. Andrew the First -Called, worn over the Dalmatik of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with the orders of St. Andrew the First -Called (a chain on his chest and a star on the mantle) and St. John of Jerusalem (Cross).Many ceremonial portraits of Borovikovsky combine the conventions of the genre with well -aimed observations. Portrait of the prince a. B. Kurakina occupies a special place among portraits of the St. Petersburg nobility. The magnificent figure of Kurakin in the mantle of the Cavalier of the Order of St. Andrew the First -Called and Dalmatics of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem is spectacularly stand out against the background of columns and drapery. The author gives an exact characteristic of this nobleman – "Diamond prince": one of the important, "speaking" The details in his portrait are a bust of Paul I, depicted to the left of Kurakin, which the prince retained a friendly attitude after the tragic death of the emperor.

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