Murgeellin embankment in Naples

The artist is Shchedrin

This landscape was written by Shchedrin for the countess in. P. Shuvalova-Paul. One of the most finished and thoughtful compositions of the artist. The choice of point of view is characteristic. The dynamic cut of the canvas on the left as if implies a continuation of a lively perspective with a flanking, resting, indulging in ordinary classes of a noisy crowd of Neapolitan common people. Here, vacationers, fishermen and a woman who sorting out her daughter’s hair (the vitality of this scene is confirmed by the artist’s album). However, in this crowd, scattering along the embankment, order and compositional balance reign. Shchedrin reached it with a special distribution of picturesque masses and color. The Murgeellin embankment continues to the West the famous Rivier Di Chiai in the direction of Posilippo. At the beginning of the road – a wooden cross with a crucifix. On the right, at the horizon, on the cape above the water, the Sannadzaro Church, dedicated to the Mother of God. On the left of the edge is a characteristic silhouette of the rocky island of Capri.

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