Archca near Rome

The artist is Lebedev

Lebedev’s Italian landscapes are distinguished by the density of the colors deep in color. The foliage and trunks of trees occupy almost the entire picturesque field, and only at the top can a small fragment of the sky be seen. The artist includes architecture and figures of people in the landscape, but they are more likely to revive stuffage and do not acquire much importance, enriching the color of the picture with a bright color of dresses. The landscape is built on a contrasting comparison of light and shadow, dense forest thickets and spots of light on the ground. Lebedeva was interested in Italy in Italy – and its bright nature, and beautiful architecture, and simple people in bright clothes unusual for the Russian eye. Arichcha – a small town near Lake Albano, standing on the site of the ancient village of Aritius. In the background, the church of Santa Maria Dell Assuntsion is depicted, built according to the project L. Bernini.

Lebedev Mikhail Ivanovich (1811, Derpt – 1837, Naples) – painter, drawing, watercolist; Landizer, genre. During his stay in the Dorpat gymnasium (1827–1829), the successes in drawing attracted the attention of Count P. AND. Palena and, under his mediation, was determined by the Imperial Academy of Arts at the expense of the office of his Imperial Majesty (1829–1833). He studied with m. N. Vorobyeva. In 1833 he received a large gold medal for the picture “View in the vicinity of Lake Ladoga”. Pensioner of the Academy of Arts in Italy (1834–1837). Worked in Naples, Sorrento, in Capri. Without rejecting the traditions of the academic landscape as a whole, he opposes its conventionality, subordination of the image of nature to the given rules. Its landscapes are diverse in composition, often filled with movement. The artist conveys nature with great materiality and at the same time poetic. In his work, realistic features are gradually strengthened – he seeks simple motives in nature, strives for greater immediacy of perception. He died in Italy from cholera at the age of 26.

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